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If you are a suspect or have been charged with a criminal offense, you know that it is a serious and stressful event. You need an attorney with experience who can navigate the criminal justice system, analyze all aspects of your particular set of circumstances, and have the patience to answer all of your questions about your rights and options. 

Mary Higdon is such an attorney. She is passionate about criminal defense, and will give your case the attention to detail that it deserves. She has experience representing individuals from traffic tickets to major felonies. She has served not only as a Criminal Defense Lawyer, but also as a Deputy Prosecutor in Monroe County, Indiana, giving her a broadened perspective.

There are many aspects of a criminal offense including: investigation, arrest, bond, discovery of the State’s evidence, potential suppression issues, sentencing options and appeals. All need to be examined closely to determine the best course of action. Ms. Higdon is knowledgeable about the various issues that may arise.

She also has experience in Elder Law, providing services such as Will creation, Durable Power of Attorneys, Living Wills, and Estate Administration.

Mary Higdon believes in providing quality representation at reasonable rates, and is available for brief consultations after hours, in emergency situations.

Higdon Law has your best interests at heart, and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your situation.

*Please be advised that any information gleaned from this website is not intended to constitute legal advice. An attorney/client relationship must first be established in order for the attorney/client privilege to exist. This occurs once an engagement letter has been signed by both parties.

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