Expungement/Sealing of Records

Learn more about Indiana's expungement process.

Indiana recently passed a law that allows certain offenses to be sealed/expunged from one’s record.  Many people have taken advantage of this law, and if you or a loved one meets the requirements of the statute(s) it is a fantastic opportunity to put embarrassing or potentially harmful information from your past behind you.

The law has specific requirements, and a petitioner may be penalized for failing to follow the exact protocol required by the statute if their petition is insufficient.  Higdon Law encourages people to take advantage of this law.

If you have had a case dismissed, or have a misdemeanor on your record from five years ago or more, you may be eligible to take advantage of this law.  Certain older (eight years or more) felony convictions are eligible for sealing/expungement under this law. Higdon Law can help you determine if you are eligible, and help you file for sealing/expungement under this new law.

Diversion Programs:

Certain criminal offenses (generally for first time offenders) are eligible for diversion programs, which are designed to keep convictions off of one’s record.  While it is the decision of a Prosecutor’s Office to determine who is eligible for a Diversion program, Higdon Law can provide general information about such programs, and help to guide you through them if you are determined to be eligible. These programs require strict adherence to their guidelines in order to gain the advantage of a dismissal.  Having an advocate on your side is helpful, to facilitate communication between both parties throughout the process.

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